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Are you tired of the person in charge of managing your property?

Each year, approximately 20% of homeowners’ associations consider changing property managers due to their lack of effectiveness in solving problems.

The slowness in performing basic property tasks due to inefficient working methods, together with the lack of communication from the administrator whose answers are always delayed, are usually the most common reasons for a change.

In addition, sometimes the impersonal treatment of the administrator and the lack of empathy are added, which translates into a lack of attention to the demands of the neighbors.

Do you find it difficult to take the step towards change?

You may think that the situation will be similar with any administrator or that the transfer of the management to a new administrator may cause times of vacuum of activity.

On other occasions you think that the lack of consensus among the neighbors will make impossible the necessary quorum to provoke the change.

These false premises make in many cases that the bad management of a community becomes chronic, generating discomfort among the neighbors and giving added work to the president.

This change does not have to be long, traumatic or costly. In inmho we are at your disposal to facilitate the change and channel the management of your community.

When is it possible to change the property manager?

The change of administrator can be approved at any time during an ordinary or extraordinary owners’ meeting.

Even if there is a contract signed with the administrator for a period longer than one year, the Horizontal Property Law establishes that the renewals of the administrator’s position must be made for periods of 1 year. Therefore, contracts with terms longer than this period are not valid.

Do you think your community deserves a change?

We give you the opportunity to be the engine of this change…. Your neighbors will surely thank you.